Attention Plumbers! | A Genius Little Video For Your Plumbing Business

By chance have you seen those little whiteboard-style videos floating around?

Turns out they’ve been proven to bring in a constant flow of leads and customers for small businesses.

That’s why we created one specifically for plumbers.

You can check out the video here on YouTube as well:  Plumber Video

As you can see these videos really help to grab attention in your marketplace.

This video can be used on your own website, a Facebook page, and/or a YouTube channel.

We normally sell these videos for $197 (with the SAMPLE watermark removed) …but I’ve got a “half off” introductory special going on right now for plumbers.  Please click here for details.

We also have whiteboard videos for other businesses and can custom design a video specifically for you.
And if you do decide to order, we’d also be happy to help you get the video on YouTube (the right way) so that you don’t have to worry
about any techy stuff.



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