How would you like to have a great plan that you could test a system out first?  We can show you for FREE!  Let us PROVE ourselves first, that we can bring in customers… Instantly On Demand!  We are do not accept just anyone.  See if you qualify for this free service by going here.  Fill out the form and someone will get in touch with you.  We will do a consultation free of charge and see if this is a good fit for both of us.
What we do is not expensive, but during this trial we will absorb loses on our end just to prove we are right!
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.   Sign up for a free trial and put us to the test, TODAY!
Businesses are hurting these days and need customers more than ever.  It seems like businesses around town are trying every traditional marketing method to bring in new customers and they are spending a ton of money.  Even though we can help greatly to bring in new faces with our great ideas.  Customer retention is a big part of our focus.  Did you know that it is easier to sell to an existing customer, then it is to bring in a new customer?  Let us prove to you that there is GOLD within your business.  WE WILL UNCOVER IT FOR FREE!
We can set up several plans to suit your growing demand for more business.  You will be the new BUZZ in town!

My name is Todd Rutledge and I specialize in helping local businesses in my area uncover hidden gold they already have buried within their existing customer base.

These are your customers, those that have already spent money with you, love your products and don’t need to be convinced you have the latest and greatest products or service.




Then, they will spend money with you over and over again!

This is where we come in. We set up free Customer Loyalty Programs for select local businesses that allow business owners to:

  •  Increase their walk in traffic and get customers back in their business
  • Ÿ  Fill their restaurant during slow times or off days/nights
  • Ÿ  Build instant loyalty with existing customers – Everyone wants to feel special
  • Ÿ  Drive customers to special events or sales
  • Ÿ  Promote daily and weekly specials and coupons in real time



“FREE” is Indeed FREE

I am only setting up 50 Free, 30 Day Trial Customer Loyalty Programs in your area. There is no cost, risk or obligation whatsoever. I take all the risk and you reap the benefits from a proven system.



I will get back to you and answer any questions you may have, then set you up within 48 hours!

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