About Us

We are a growing mobile marketing company expanding in your area.   We specialize in SMS (Text), Mobile Web and Social Media.  Our secret arsenal of great services assure an influx of business that most business owners are looking for.
SMS (Text) marketing is a growing trend.  That’s one of the main areas we are putting much effort toward.  Text messages have a global “open” rate of more than 98%.  Think about it… How many people do you know that don’t have their cell phone within 3 foot of them?  Another area of great focus is Mobile Websites.  It’s predicted by the end of the year 2013 (if it’s Not here yet?) that there will be more mobile devices accessing the internet than home computers and laptops.  I think it’s pretty clear to most people that that is the growing trend.  Let us show you how SMS is an unobtrusive addition to your constant prospecting for new bodies.
Check out our affordable starting package here, you will be glad you did.  SMS (Text) marketing is Hugh right now.  This method is the most affordable solution that sells to your customers when you are not even paying attention..
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