Reviews for Your Business


Getting Reviews for your business is an important step in building trust.

Today more and more people are looking for reviews about a business before even contacting them.  It is said the a review online is just as important as getting a referral from a friend.

Reputation Management

Attention Plumbers! | A Genius Little Video For Your Plumbing Business

By chance have you seen those little whiteboard-style videos floating around?

Turns out they’ve been proven to bring in a constant flow of leads and customers for small businesses.

That’s why we created one specifically for plumbers.

You can check out the video here on YouTube as well:  Plumber Video

As you can see these videos really help to grab attention in your marketplace.

This video can be used on your own website, a Facebook page, and/or a YouTube channel.

We normally sell these videos for $197 (with the SAMPLE watermark removed) …but I’ve got a “half off” introductory special going on right now for plumbers.  Please click here for details.

We also have whiteboard videos for other businesses and can custom design a video specifically for you.
And if you do decide to order, we’d also be happy to help you get the video on YouTube (the right way) so that you don’t have to worry
about any techy stuff.



Realtors Advertising

Looking for an effective way to market real estate listings?  Watch this video for a very “Powerful” form of advertising.

Social Media Profiles for Business


Social Media Profiles for Business


Text Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents


Text Marketing


Mobile Marketing Through Text Messages Give Targeted Hot Prospects

Over the last few years the housing marketing has had a great deal of challenges.  Real estate agents need every means available to market their properties and listings effectively.  An important part of that is to be able to follow up on their leads efficiently and in a timely manner.  Mobile marketing and text message marketing gives real estate agents a superior way of following up and another effective tool for marketing their property listings to consumers.

Text marketing allows for an agent to know the precise property that a prospect is looking at and also the precise time they are looking.  It also gives them the cell phone number of the potential buyer.  How sweet is that?  Now that’s a pretty targeted lead!

How Mobile Marketing Works with Real Estate

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”.  That quote was once said by Alexander Graham Bell.  This is the truth.  Sales will be yielded by proper preparation and help from your mobile marketing efforts.  Mobile text marketing works well for real estate agents in assisting potential buyers with finding the right property they are looking for.

For example, suppose that a potential buyer finds an property that is advertised and they are interested in it.  They see that they can text the “Listing Number” 1001 to 517-797-4445  for a INSTANT VIRTUAL TOUR sent right to your mobile phone.  A text is sent to that person with a link going to a video virtual tour immediately.  People are more apt to take action, because they don’t think they will have to talk to anyone.  Although at the same time the text goes to them, a text is also sent to the real estate agent giving them the property listing number that they requested information on and also the cell phone number of the person interested.  How cool is that?!

Here’s an example of a video sent to they for their Instant Virtual Tour.

The video can be seen on Youtube at

There you go!  Now the potential buyer gets the information of the house they are looking at right in front of themselves and a link going to a video and then a link in that description to the real estate agents other listings.  It’s as simple as that.  That’s instant lead generation at it’s best!  The best part is text marketing is very affordable.  Okay, now that we have a basic framework on how mobile marketing works for real estate agents, lets take a look at the preparation of a mobile text marketing campaign in greater detail.

Property Codes

When you get signed up for the text marketing service, you will select the keywords for each property listing.  Most real estate companies already have codes assigned to their listings.  This makes it quite easy to incorporate text marketing into the campaign.  Just set those codes for the keywords for people to text.  The subscriber will text this property code to receive a virtual home tour or what ever the agent wants to send about the property.

Sign Riders

It’s best to develop a effective yet simple sign rider that will entice the subscriber to text in the property code.  Let them know that it will be sent to them instantly.  This helps encourage buyers to request that information.  It’s best to use a “call to action” and invite the potential buyer to receive information about the listing by texting in.

Lead Generation from Text Marketing

This is the beauty of using mobile text marketing for real estate.  At the same time they text for info about that property their number goes into a database and the contacts are stored there for future marketing to.  As mentioned above that persons number is also sent to the agent via text, voice or email.  This provides invaluable to a real estate agent by generating instant leads which then the agent can follow up on in a very timely manner.

Once it is set up, it is just the matter of maintaining and updating the listing information within your text campaign and also following up on the generated leads.  Mobile text marketing is a very powerful tool that is “cutting edge” technology.

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SMS Mobile Marketing |Need More Customers Coming Through The Door?

SMS Mobile Marketing is a form of advertising you might want to consider.

Do you want more customers coming through the doors? This is the Life Blood of your business! Right?

If we could drive new customers to your business and keep existing customers returning AGAIN and AGAIN!!

Would you be interested? I thought so. Get started for $0 COST!

Legendary Marketing Group
Todd Rutledge

SMS Mobile Marketing

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